Fun Fun Fun

Lots of exciting things ahead, I have had a busy week so far, had a meeting in Glasgow for a a new web series  this involves vampires, werewolves and zombies, something to get my teeth stuck into, so to speak. We start filming in June, so I have plenty of time but lots of research to do in the meantime.  That is for my make-up work obviously.

For my Kitsch Me Vintage, I have 4 commissions, 2 of them for the opening of  they have had loads of problems with there premises, and now are relocating and within the next future weeks with have a launch day.  I have a brief from Vicki what she would like, so will be working away on that, and collecting supplies.  Very excited to be part of it all, also myself and Vicki ( who is the owner) will be working on a commission together for one of her clients, it is all a bit hush hush at the moment, but that will happen after the relaunch of her shop.

I have also had an order for masquerade masks to be sold in a boutique in Glasgow, as there is an upcoming masquerade ball in March, so have to get busy on that also, which means buying in supplies and cracking the whip with creativity.

I also am working on some creative pieces for a photo shoot that I hope to work together with my friend and brilliant photographer    She however is very busy at the moment, so it will be tracking her down and putting a date on it, but there is no hurry for that as it will be for pleasure.

That is  a brief summing up of just a few projects, I have other ones on the go also, and my brain is bursting with ideas, it gets a bit scarey in my head at times, but I think I am just about coping with numerous ideas swimming around there for now.

Looking forward to working with my friend and partner in crime  once again and having some fun on Cops and Monsters, she is a very talented lady and the costumes for the series I kn0w will be outstanding, I hope I can do them justice with my make-up design.



So today I took a very special delivery across to Edinburgh for a very dear friend and client of mine: dancer, model and all-round babe Ingrida Dornbrook.

It was a delivery of an item that has had Ingrida and I in much excitement for quite a while now:

A baby pink silk satin and marabou robe that is pin-tucked front and back beneath the bust and shoulder blades, with a modest yet sumptuous train.

We had seen numerous robes on offer online, and Ingrida had previoulsy ordered one but it just wasnt right. To make a truly show-stopping piece, it’s got to be made to measure. Of course its a long process, but what’s worth getting right is worth the time put in, and I think we nailed it.

I’ve made many of Ingrida’s costumes over the years and the girl is one of my favourite performers. She has the perfect mix of sexy, fun, cheeky and glamourous. It also helps that shes a tall, blonde bombshell with a smile that could make even Arnie swoon.

She was the face of Glasgow’s Merchant City Festival in 2011, you may remember her pearly whites plastered all over Glasgow. Who could miss a face like this?!




What a beaut. 

Anyhoos, after handing the robe over and much swanning about in it for a moment, she took it off and hung it up. She said “It’s a her, definitely a her”. So I said “You have to give it a name!”, because after all, giving inanimate objects human names brings them to life. So she chose ‘Rita’. What a perfect name!

Ingrida is performing in Bath with the robe this weekend and I cant wait to hear how it does as well as seeing the photos of it in all its silky glory.

In the mean time, here’s a pic of the other Rita:




Something a wee bitty different for the BRIDE

Red Hot Bride

Red Hot Bride

I just thought I would share one of my latest Alternative Bridal Head wear, not for the faint hearted, but for the bride who shouts PASSION and CHANGE.  The girl who dares to be different and doesn’t care who knows it.

I absolutely adore making commission wedding head wear for brides.   Who doesn’t keep their wedding dress through the ages, along with their veils as heirlooms for future generations ,( unless of course you get divorced and want to burn it , you could always pass it to the charity shop though!)

My hats and bridal head wear would look nothing without lovely photography, good modelling and descent make-up, I always feel that a picture helps the client visualise the possibilities, and open their minds to alternatives.

Just a thank you to   and

A wee intro

Yes we are here, we have landed so to speak, myself and Iona, two like minded women trying to get on in life, wanting to make an impact, speak truths, and be well….. just…… mildly entertaining and give you few hints and tips from what we have learnt through the years.

Iona’s skills lie in her ability to make wonderful costumes, modelling and overall a good all rounder that can pretty much turn her hand at a lot shit.(apologies for the shit word, but we are talking real life here)

Now I am not here to generally big Iona up, or myself, but like I said she is a talented girl,I will say no more on the matter, you can decide for yourself as time goes by.

Now there is myself, my brief history is a freelance Make-up Artist for the past 13 years, and still learning every day, just can’t ever learn it all.  Also when I am not doing make-up I am making things, things like hats, jewellery, wall art, clocks, you know bits and bobs, still trying to get my identity.

Now I am going to WARN YOU NOW, I do have a tendency to waffle a lot, and my grammar and punctuation stinks, but if you can put that all aside for a minute, you may just find something that will tickle your taste buds, and be informative at the same time,  we will see? 

So for now a big hello from Moi, 


Michelle x

Ladies what make things

Well here’s an exciting concept that has never been done before… 

Two very creative friends get together to write a blog about their businesses, passions and creativity. Wait, it HAS been done before?

Yeah… well… not like THIS!

Im Iona and I am a costume designer and wardrobe supervisor based in Glasgow, Scotland. I model, teach sewing classes and basically THRUST creativity on to others because I truly believe that creativity has the power to unite communities, enforce positivity and make us all a lot happier and more satisfied with our lives and relationships with others.

I love style, fashion, clothing and filling up my ever expanding wardrobe. Michelle has a good wardrobe too, packed full of wonders. I sometimes go visit her and she shows me things. I want them. I want all of her things.  

Lots of love Iona