A wee intro

Yes we are here, we have landed so to speak, myself and Iona, two like minded women trying to get on in life, wanting to make an impact, speak truths, and be well….. just…… mildly entertaining and give you few hints and tips from what we have learnt through the years.

Iona’s skills lie in her ability to make wonderful costumes, modelling and overall a good all rounder that can pretty much turn her hand at a lot shit.(apologies for the shit word, but we are talking real life here)

Now I am not here to generally big Iona up, or myself, but like I said she is a talented girl,I will say no more on the matter, you can decide for yourself as time goes by.

Now there is myself, my brief history is a freelance Make-up Artist for the past 13 years, and still learning every day, just can’t ever learn it all.  Also when I am not doing make-up I am making things, things like hats, jewellery, wall art, clocks, you know bits and bobs, still trying to get my identity.

Now I am going to WARN YOU NOW, I do have a tendency to waffle a lot, and my grammar and punctuation stinks, but if you can put that all aside for a minute, you may just find something that will tickle your taste buds, and be informative at the same time,  we will see? 

So for now a big hello from Moi, 


Michelle x


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