Something a wee bitty different for the BRIDE

Red Hot Bride

Red Hot Bride

I just thought I would share one of my latest Alternative Bridal Head wear, not for the faint hearted, but for the bride who shouts PASSION and CHANGE.  The girl who dares to be different and doesn’t care who knows it.

I absolutely adore making commission wedding head wear for brides.   Who doesn’t keep their wedding dress through the ages, along with their veils as heirlooms for future generations ,( unless of course you get divorced and want to burn it , you could always pass it to the charity shop though!)

My hats and bridal head wear would look nothing without lovely photography, good modelling and descent make-up, I always feel that a picture helps the client visualise the possibilities, and open their minds to alternatives.

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One thought on “Something a wee bitty different for the BRIDE

  1. I would definitely have considered an alternative veil to go with my “alternative” dress but I didn’t know you lovely lady at the time 😉 But I think it is important that brides to be to know that they don’t need to follow traditions in order to look like beautiful brides!

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