So today I took a very special delivery across to Edinburgh for a very dear friend and client of mine: dancer, model and all-round babe Ingrida Dornbrook.

It was a delivery of an item that has had Ingrida and I in much excitement for quite a while now:

A baby pink silk satin and marabou robe that is pin-tucked front and back beneath the bust and shoulder blades, with a modest yet sumptuous train.

We had seen numerous robes on offer online, and Ingrida had previoulsy ordered one but it just wasnt right. To make a truly show-stopping piece, it’s got to be made to measure. Of course its a long process, but what’s worth getting right is worth the time put in, and I think we nailed it.

I’ve made many of Ingrida’s costumes over the years and the girl is one of my favourite performers. She has the perfect mix of sexy, fun, cheeky and glamourous. It also helps that shes a tall, blonde bombshell with a smile that could make even Arnie swoon.

She was the face of Glasgow’s Merchant City Festival in 2011, you may remember her pearly whites plastered all over Glasgow. Who could miss a face like this?!




What a beaut. 

Anyhoos, after handing the robe over and much swanning about in it for a moment, she took it off and hung it up. She said “It’s a her, definitely a her”. So I said “You have to give it a name!”, because after all, giving inanimate objects human names brings them to life. So she chose ‘Rita’. What a perfect name!

Ingrida is performing in Bath with the robe this weekend and I cant wait to hear how it does as well as seeing the photos of it in all its silky glory.

In the mean time, here’s a pic of the other Rita:





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